What You Need


A computer running Windows together with a laser printer and webcam or digital camera. If you are using your PC to access this Web site then it is powerful enough to run our software. You will need a scanner and a laser printer. These will also serve as a high quality, low cost, photocopier. You will also need a safe or two. We recommend you split your cash up.


An area of 3m by 2m if your cheque cashing is part of an existing business. A dedicated cheque cashing shop would need an area of 25m2 to 30m2.


Computer software which helps you manage the business and produce the legal agreements that govern the cheque cashing. We can supply our own software that provides a safeguard against fraud and helps screen "risky" cheques.

We provide free training. We recommend you spend at least three days with us although depending on your business background a shorter time may suffice.

We use and recommend the
192 UK-INFO DISK computer program. See Link on reference page. We also use BT's Phone Discä which is available directly from BT.


We are members of the British Cheque Cashing Association and operate our business along their guidelines. You would also be required to follow these guidelines.

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