Who are Cash Recycle?

CASH RECYCLE started business on 1st December 1997 in Eccles, Manchester as one of the new style second hand shops made popular by Cash Converters® and Cash Generator®.

CASH RECYCLE is an independently owned business. The proprietor is John Stamper.

CASH RECYCLE took over a former Norweb Electricity Board shop. This was chosen because the shop was already well fitted out to a high standard including electrical TV aerials etc. The shop also had a screened cashiers office at the rear which would be good for cheque cashing.

Quite soon after opening it became apparent that second-hand shops like ours are easy targets for thieves or their accomplices selling stolen goods. We decided to do something about this. We developed our own computer system to photograph all customers from whom we buy goods.

Our computer program is written in
Microsoft Access® and easily stores many high quality photographs of our customers.(currently we have over 5,500 stored).

We have received very favourable comments on our computer system from the local Police. They tell us we have a much better system than our bigger local rival
Cash Converters®.

It was this early development and application of computer software to identify our customers that paid dividends when we started Cheque Cashing at the end of January 1999. We have enhanced the system to incorporate details from the electoral role to help confirm our customers are who they say they are.

From being newcomers to Cheque Cashing on 27th January 1999 we have now (2/04/2003) cashed 12 million worth of cheques.

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