How We Cash Cheques

The Cheque Payee brings the cheque to us with a letter, wage slip or other proof of entitlement. In addition the Payee is required to bring additional ID like passport, driving license, utility bills etc to meet our ID Points System.

We satisfy ourselves that these are in order and use our computer system to confirm the Payee lives at the address claimed. If necessary by asking about the next door neighbours. Our computer system is able to tell us about these from the Postal Address.

Once satisfied that we are paying the correct person we take a photograph for our files which is stored on our computer system. This helps prevent fraud and also allows us to process the customer very rapidly on their next visit.

If the cheque is from a new Drawer then we telephone the Drawer to confirm the cheque is good and will be paid. If the Drawer says it will be paid then we sometimes accept that but often do a final Transax® appraisal on the cheque. If that is good we will cash it.

The above procedures, particularly the confirmation of Payee by postal address, sets us apart from other cheque cashers. It means that the procedures to cash a cheque all take place on the spot. We do not rely on faxing a copy of the cheque to a remote head office, with the waiting that entails. Instead we give you the expertise to make these decisions yourself.

The result is that you can deal with customers quickly and still minimise fraud. You customers will appreciate the speedy service and your business will prosper. Businesses that don't deal with customers quickly and efficiently tend to loose customers!

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Our computer system sets us apart from our competitors.

Customers want a fast professional service.

Our cheque cashers can get on while the competitors are faxing head office or waiting for head office to fax back!

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