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If you are interested in joining in this rapidly expanding business we offer a first class service and charges that are among the lowest you'll find.

We charge different rates depending on the service you want us to supply. The main variable are as follows:

Who puts up the capital for the cheques while they are clearing. If you do, you pay less.

Who covers the risk of cheques not being paid. Again, if you do, you pay less.

Who sets your charges, decides if you give discounts to attract higher volumes of business from employment agencies and other businesses who pay large numbers of people by cheque. If you are working with us on Process Only then you set these yourself.


This is our low cost service. We charge a fixed fee of only 50 per week and we pass on the charges our bank sets at cost price.

Currently they charge a 28p cheque and around 1 per day.

You finance and run your own business as you choose.You are free to set your own charges.
Experienced cheque cashers use this service for
maximum profit.


Contact us for a custom designed package to suit you.

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The graph above shows the growth in business  since January 1999.

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